Declaration: I confirm I have read the registration form and agree to be bound by the conditions of entry required by the event holder. I confirm, during the period of the event, my entry will be covered by a suitable insurance policy (such as specialist collector’s insurance) which includes public liability, display or rally usage. I further confirm the vehicle meets the conditions of the Road Traffic Act and licensing authorities. I further confirm the vehicle to be in a roadworthy condition and I understand the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any part of the event if the vehicle is un-roadworthy or if the driver/owner is unable to provide valid documentation. The organisers reserve the right to deny entry for whatsoever reason and their decision is final. I also indemnify the event organisers, Dream Machine Events Staff and their members from all claims arising from any accident, incident or occurrence during the event.


The Club keeps an Excel database, maintained by the Dream Machines events staff for the management of the show, this includes name, address, telephone, email, and vehicle details. This database is solely used for communication and administration purposes. It can only be accessed by the Dream Machine Events management and no information is released to other club members or any outside person or organisation unless authorized by you. You have a right to withdraw your consent at any time to your personal data being held as detailed above, but you need to be aware that it would then not be possible to communicate information regarding the show.


  • All vehicles must be presented in a clean and safe condition.
  • No vehicle is to be left unattended with the engine running and the person in charge be capable to stop it in an emergency.
  • All vehicles must be parked in order of entry to the ground and as instructed by the marshals.
  • A speed limit of 5mph will apply to all vehicles on the showground.
  • Entrants must pay proper regard to the marshal’s instructions and conduct themselves in a manner which will not inconvenience other persons.
  • All exhibits must be insured with a Public Liability Policy which includes use at shows.
  • All drivers must be qualified to drive the relevant vehicle. No underage drivers will be allowed.
  • To ensure a broad representation of vehicles at the show, acceptance of entries is at the discretion of Dream Machine Events Management.
  • Only driver and 1 passenger per display vehicle.
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Car Entrant Application Form 2024

Once registration is complete you will receive an email with registration confirmation. Nearer the date of the event you will receive details for the day including registration number to be displayed in your window on arrival.


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